We are planning an elite entry only race if the remaining big UK autumn marathons are cancelled. Tentative plans have been drawn up using a speedy 6km (3.73 miles) loop of the Village Bakery Wrexham Half Marathon course.  Due to the nature of the course there will be a maximum of 400 entrants, and it will be aimed at runners capable of running 2.40 or quicker or quicker and female runners capable of a sub 3.00 hour marathon.

The plan rests on two big ‘ifs’ and they are if the remaining big UK autumn marathons are cancelled and more importantly if Welsh Athletics and UK Athletics are issuing licences for small races. The 7-lap course has been officially measured and we are awaiting accreditation.  We have suppliers and volunteers on standby, but we will not go live with the race or take any entry fees until we are confident it could go ahead.  We are keen to know if there is a demand for the race and would ask anyone interested in taking part to contact us here.

We would prefer to see the big UK autumn marathons go ahead but want those elite runners to know they have a potential back up plan on Sunday 4th October.  We would love to open the race up to more runners but due to potential for some overtaking in the latter stages, we must restrict it to runners capable of running 2.40 or quicker.  

We know that with the right conditions the course will produce some very quick times.  Wrexham Borough Council and Isycoed Community Council have been informed of the initiative and as usual have been supportive. We are aware that a race of this size could not go ahead under current government rules but things are changing quickly and we want to be in the position to put the race on if we were permitted to.