Stay Hydrated

It is even more important to stay hydrated as sweating causes water loss. Make sure you take on extra liquids to keep hydrated and avoid over heating.

Avoid the hottest time of the day

Plan your runs early in the morning or late afternoon and evening when the temperature is a bit cooler.

Find runs that offer more shade

If you can’t run during cooler times, find some shade like a forest of some woods.

Avoid speedwork and hills 

Keeping cool places extra stress on your body, so doing strenuous workouts in the heat I can lead to exhaustion 

Run by effort not pace

Again, because your body is working hard to keep you cool, you might see the pace on your watch well below what you would normally expect. Don’t try and keep up with your normal pace, use effort as a guide and don’t worry about the watch.

Wear sun cream and protective clothing

It is important to make sure you are protected from the sun especially when out working out for long periods.